Saturday, September 15, 2012

Home Is Where Your Heart Is ~ Winston-Salem Memories

Today, Dad and I drove around in the town where I grew up, and I thought it would be fun to snap some photos of the places we lived, my high school and the place where my faith journey began. 
This is the apartment where we lived when we first moved to Winston-Salem, when I was a baby. It is at College Village. 

This is the house where we moved next. I was about two years old. 
It is on Lawndale Dr. 
I have a few memories of playing in the back yard with the neighborhood kids. Those were fun days. 

We moved into this house when I was around five. My younger brother was born while we lived here. My grandfather lived with us here for a short while. Dad finished the basement and made him a lovely apartment. I loved playing cards with "Pop." He always let me win. When I was seven years old, I was bitten by a copperhead as I played in a vacant lot up the street. My neighbor helped me get home and my mom took me to the hospital. I enjoyed living here and had lots of friends to play with. I remember playing hopscotch in the driveway. This house is on St. Claire Rd.

We moved to this house on Reynolds Drive when I was fifteen. I thought I had died and gone to heaven ! I had my OWN bathroom, and I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen with the green shag carpet.  There were yellow daisy cornice boards around my bedroom window and the groovy bathroom had  an avocado green toilet sink and even a matching tub. We had lots of wonderful memories in this house. I remember coming home from the hospital when my oldest son was born and my Mom took care of me for a week or so.  My other three kids spent lots of time here with their grandma, too. 

This is a photo of my high school, R J Reynolds. My dad also went to this high school. When I went there, it was not air conditioned. I didn't love high school, but I did love my drama class !

This is the R J Reynolds High School Auditorium, where I grew up attending "Gospel Sings" while my Dad ushered for them. 
Later, I went to high school here, and in my junior year I played Vera Claythorne in our high school play "Ten Little Indians" right here, on this stage. I was officially a drama queen. 

This is Reynolda Church, the place where I met Jesus Christ in 1983. That was the most important event of my life. Our three oldest children were born while we were members here. It is a beautiful place, in so many ways. 

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