Tuesday, January 19, 2010

BIRTH Stories, Panel One

This collection of twelve 3x3 inch beaded motifs is, I hope, the first of many more. The collection started as a way for women to express their feelings or experiences of pregnancy and birth in a time when there is a huge women's health crisis in maternity care. For more information on the, please see my other blog www.birthwhisperer.blogspot.com
The artsists and titles, starting from the upper left corner and working down from left to right are:
Diana Mains Welte "Baby Bump, Cherish the Gift"
Paula Motsinger Meyncke "Placenta Heart"
Kathryn Lane Berkowitz "My Body Rocks"
Diana Mains Welte "Here We Go"
Kathryn Lane Berkowitz "Labor Spiral"
Kathryn Lane Berkowitz "Doulas Know Squat"
Kathryn Lane Berkowitz "I Can VBAC"
Kathryn Lane Berkowitz "PUSH"
Kathryn Lane Berkowitz "A Cruel Cut"
Kathryn Lane Berkowitz "Episiotomy V-Section WHY?"
Kathryn Lane Berkowitz "BabyMoon"
Kathryn Lane Berkowitz "Peace on Earth Begins At Birth"

As an artist, a birth activist and conference speaker I plan to use this panel, and the others to follow, to raise awareness about the need for transparency and reform in maternity care. If you would like to contribute a square to this project, please leave a comment and I will give you more information on how you can participate.

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